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PR Crew

Our experts:

The PR guy deals with the majority of parties with whom we deal. His job is to talk with them and make sure that we aren’t bothered by anyone. He isn’t dealing with clients as there is support crew for that.

The support crew receives calls from clients and those who might be interested in dumpster rental. They answer all questions about the process of renting as well as issues related to the fee. They will answer every question you ask.

The inspector will arrive at the location and evaluate the extent of work you will do. They will calculate the amount of debris and call for a container that will hold it all. They will also calculate the total weight of the waste and tell you how much it will cost to drive it to a landfill.

Things We Can Do For You

Delivering the dumpster and taking it off aren’t the only things that we can do for you. You can get a list of all services from our support, but here are few of them:


Delivery of the dumpster happens as the conclusion of the inspection and negotiations we do with clients. The inspector makes sure that there is enough space for the dumpster and that the owner can approach it without any problems. Negotiations determine the length of the rental as well as the total price for all services we offer.

Truck Drivers

The truck drivers are people whose job consists of delivering dumpsters to locations and taking them to landfills. This might sound like a mundane job, but the dumpsters are expensive, and this position carries a lot of responsibility. Drivers also have to possess an excellent knowledge about roads and possible traffic jams.

The Accountant

The accountant isn’t a person who gives you the bill directly, but they do create it. The primary duty of our accountants is to calculate costs of labor and to come up with numbers which will satisfy all parties. Every time you get a discount is a time they did their job perfectly.

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