Who We Are

MN Forward is an effort by Minnesota job providers to elect a governor and state legislators who understand the importance of creating private-sector jobs and economic opportunity in our state.

We are supported by Minnesota employers of all sizes from across the state.  We’re involved in this election because together with our coworkers, families, and friends, we send our children to local schools, volunteer with local charities, support local businesses, and we value the economic opportunity and quality of life our state has to offer.

We believe it’s important for those who provide jobs to be engaged in Minnesota’s political and policy process, because we have first-hand experience creating good jobs that are the backbone of our economy, and our businesses generate much of the tax revenue that supports state and local government programs.

On Election Day – Tuesday, November 2 – Minnesotans will make choices about how we address near-term challenges and prepare our state to grow and prosper in the years ahead.  MN Forward is proud to be part of this important process.


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