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Renting dumpsters – Some things you should know

You can rent a container in just several minutes because the process of renting is highly simplified. Not every company will stop you and ask you several questions that will make your life easier. Many of them will be happy to rent your dumpster which you choose without any concern whether you will have problems because they don’t care about that. Not all companies are like that though, several roll off dumpster rental companies are completely customer focused and thrive on the chance to meet their customers waste management needs.  Recycling is becoming more and more popular so good companies that can provide waste management are going to be doing very well.

That is why you will find our company if you search for dumpster rental Minnesota. Unlike the majority of businesses, we do care about whether you will have any issues with the container we rented and thus we will ask many questions. They might sound intrusive, but in the end, you will be satisfied with the level of service we offer.

Dumpster rental and how to prepare for it


We already mentioned the easy with which you can rent a dumpster. Call us, and you will have your container in less than 24 hours. But before you do that, you should check some things out as it might save you some money.

A rental container that can hold up to 40 cubic yards of debris is around 22 feet long which means that it requires a lot of space. You won’t rent that dumpster, but you will rent a smaller one which also requires quite a sizeable lot. You will have to prepare the location for the dumpster as well as clear all obstacles between the road and that site to allow the truck to unload and load the container.


Don’t just jump on the first dumpster rental chance as you might spend more than you have to. Dumpster rental Minnesota has many companies that operate in different areas and depending on the area you live in, the cost of driving to the landfill will increase. Check which company works with the landfill that is near you.

Ask around and save money

If you take some time and ask around, then you will succeed in saving a hundred or two bucks. We offer premium prices, but you just might find another decent hauler that is closer to you which will be a better option when it comes to money.


Breakdown of dumpster rental process

Many people wonder whether it is better to hire a local hauler or a large dumpster renting company. Well, the answer to that lies in mathematics, or to be more precise, which choice is cheaper.


When you look at dumpster rental Minnesota, you will notice a lot of large enterprises that cover a lot of areas, and you also might see some smaller local businesses that offer their services. Big companies, as we are, have better connections which make it possible to provide premium prices to a lot of our clients.

You should hire a local business if they offer a better price than us, but do remember to check whether there are any hidden fees. Some companies like to implement hidden charges which they don’t mention until the time of payment. Do check it as those costs turn an excellent deal into a money-draining nightmare.

Knowing the process is never a bad thing


Get to know the dumpster rental process, and you will attain the knowledge to calculate the costs of the haul. You will get to know what factors affect the charge and to what extent they affect it. When you do this, you will understand how landfill fees affect the price and what you can do to reduce the charge you will pay at the end.

The size of the container has a small influence on the landfill fee. The majority of landfill businesses charge the weight of the debris that enters their lot. You can ask us, or any other dumpster rental Minnesota company, about the landfill where we dump the trash and use that knowledge to check their fees.

The difference between having to pay 200 and 400 dollars for a dump fee is thin so do check how much debris you have and what kind of weight it has. Few pounds are a difference between a good deal and loss, so check it thoroughly.

We are here to help you

We can calculate the weight of the debris and gain a premium price on a landfill. Our connections make it possible to reduce the cost of the landfill charge as we work with same businesses for years so do call us.