Trick or Treat

The fourth ad from MN Forward, “Trick or Treat,” will be airing now through Election Day.  The ad features a county sheriff’s deputy who is married to a nurse, speaking out against Mark Dayton’s plans to raise taxes on Minnesota families and job providers.

“Mark Dayton’s massive tax increases will kill jobs and take money from hardworking Minnesotans,” said Brian McClung, director of MN Forward.  “While Dayton claims he’ll only ‘tax the rich,’ DFL Speaker of the House Margaret Anderson Kelliher said Dayton’s plan would tax middle-income couples.”

During a DFL debate, Kelliher said, “You’re not wealthy if you are a police officer married to a nurse in the state of Minnesota, in my book you are middle class.”

The county sheriff’s deputy in the ad has been a police officer for 20 years and is married to a nurse.  They are one of thousands of households that could be impacted by Dayton’s tax hikes.

“Minnesota now has the 7th lowest unemployment rate in the nation and has been outperforming most states in job growth over the past year,” McClung said.  “Mark Dayton’s plan would create additional uncertainty for businesses and would harm job growth.  In addition, with a more than $1 billion gap in his budget, Dayton will likely have to turn to additional tax increases on middle class families.  That’s not the right direction for our state.”

Posted on October 24, 2010


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