New MN Forward ad “Still Sad?” Highlights Dayton’s Plans to Raise Taxes

MN Forward has released its third ad of the 2010 campaign, “Still Sad?”. The ad is a follow-up to the group’s previous ad, “Knock Down,” and highlights DFL gubernatorial candidate Mark Dayton’s plans to increase job-killing taxes by $5 billion.

“It’s clear the number one issue in this election is how best to position Minnesota for job growth,” said Brian McClung, director of MN Forward. “Mark Dayton’s plan to raise taxes by $5 billion will kill jobs and stop economic growth in its tracks. Dayton claims he’ll only tax high-income earners, but his budget plan is incomplete and even DFL Speaker of the House Margaret Anderson Kelliher has said Dayton’s plan would tax middle-income couples, like a police officer and a nurse. Adding insult to injury, some of Dayton’s family money is in income tax-free South Dakota.”

MN Forward was established to ensure that private-sector job creation and economic growth are at the top of the agenda during the 2010 campaign. The organization is working with a broad coalition of Minnesota job creators to elect candidates from both parties who support policies that enhance job growth in Minnesota. So far, MN Forward has made independent expenditures in the governor’s race and in support of three DFLers and three Republicans running for the state legislature.

MN Forward is supported by a wide variety of Minnesota-based job providers and business trade associations including the Minnesota Beverage Association, NAIOP Minnesota, the Minnesota Trucking Association, the Insurance Federation of Minnesota, the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, and the Minnesota Business Partnership.

MN Forward: "Still Sad?" Television Ad

Posted on October 3, 2010


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